9: Spare

Run Day 10
May 2017

My ‘Running with Evy’ schedule tells me I should practice three times a week, but so far I’ve only managed to run twice a week max. More once a week than twice. I might have skipped a week.

What I need, is more structure. So I decide to make a running schedule in my Google calendar. I design a program that allows me to run both morning and night, three times a week, with one spare date. This way I can skip a running date – only when absolutely necessary of course – without feeling guilty, because there’ll be another date to catch up. Preferably, though, I will use this spare date to do yoga or otherwise do an additional training which will help me improve my strength and core. While I’m at it, I decide to add more spare dates to the weekly program in which I *could* go to the gym. For my scheme I carefully choose a vibrant colour that’s doesn’t look too dominant amidst my regular tasks but is conspicuous enough to not be easily overlooked. Both task and colour should express: YES, it’s time for a run!

When I’m done scheduling, I’ve got to go to an appointment. I don’t run that day.


Day 11
May 2017

I don’t stick to my running schedule.



Run Day 11 (or, one could say: a rerun* ?)
May 2017

I don’t stick to my spare running date, either.



* This is why I can’t have nice things.



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