Notes from the director on the upcoming making of ‘I think we’re alone now’ by Tiffany (1987)


You sure you can handle the opening of the poster, honey? Don’t fuck it up!


Opening scene
Impression of the artist; her charisma, liveliness and enthusiasm.

Tiffany is playing a live gig in front of a representative audience. Two masculine studs can barely control the crowd, gathered in large numbers at a popular venue.

Various cuts to Tiffany performing on thrilling locations which illustrate the song’s lyrics, e.g. desolate images on ‘alone now’; two runaways at ‘running just as fast’ and so on and so forth. Make sure the cameraman, who is Dutch, clearly understands (e.g. ‘look at the way’ = ‘kijk naar de weg’).



Run hands through hair. Move shoulders up and down rhythmically. Look down at the end of a sentence like wanting to undress the cameraman with your eyes. Repeat. Repeat again. And repeat.

Unidentifiable objects on stage: 1 green, 1 not accountable for.


1 interesting jacket.

Closing scene
I’m thinking something in black and white, and a metaphor for the speed of Tiffany’s career progressing.

The video needs to include an aircraft.
And a church.
And a baggage claim.

O, and MC Hammer. On a beach.



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