New: Procession

My mother nudges me as we’re drinking coffee in the auditorium. “There’s Martin,” she whispers. “Go ask him for that boat-start.”
“Mom!” I say. “Jesus Christ.” Read more →


The Meaty Vegan: Motivation

“I’m not sure this app has changed my views on physical activities in general,” I tell him, to answer his question, “but it has helped me to stick to an objective I’d already set.” I don’t know how to make a bridge from that to “By the way, what’s your name?”, but it seems I don’t have to, since he’s looking at me with that blank look again, thinking about something else; maybe a way out of this conversation. Read more →



The Meaty Vegan: Monologue

Now, to be clear, every start of my runs is disastrous. I hate the first kilometre. I absolutely loathe it. Like an abusive boyfriend, my mind goes through these exact same gaslighting techniques every fucking time: Read more →



The Meaty Vegan's Got Beef

"So if I'm vegan because of health reasons, you will make me a vegan pancake; but if I'm vegan because of an ethical choice, you won’t. Is that correct?” Read more →




Ik: "Misschien moet ik ook maar een hoedje kopen. Dan verbrandt mijn neus niet zo."
Bert: "Een hoedJE? Lief, in jouw geval heb je dan een sombrero nodig."

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I'm on Insta too, you know

Because I definitely should be working (and so should you! No not really just kidding please stay) ↓

Korte Kijklijst

Superkorte samenvattingen van wat je vooral (niet) moet gaan zien.
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Very Special Fish: No Problem (III)

Haruto zegt iets tegen Bert. Ik mag dan niks verstaan, en het zal nog twee jaar duren voor ik de term dragon lady leer kennen – wat er nu gezegd wordt, begrijp ik prima. Lees meer →




Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Look at me, look at me, 
I'm so good at yoga

Greet each day, Namaste
[tegen Rebecca] Fuck you, you’re fat.
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Very Special Fish: You Eat All (II)

Ik zie de teleurstelling op de gezichten, niet omwille van mij maar omwille van henzelf; dit hadden ze moeten weten, dit hadden ze moeten vrágen - een teleurstelling die ik tijdens mijn tijd hier maar al te vaak heb gezien. Lees meer →

The Meaty Vegan Runs


Now I only hear city sounds, the wind whistling along my earplugs and my own breathing. I’m still panting. Listening to my own breath, I try to find a rhythm. I can’t find it. Read more →

The meaty vegan ran


Come on, now. I can do this. Some people run this distance times three-and-a-half. For funSome people even train for that shit. Read more →

I Like


Sometimes you can't help but wonder what the hell the photographer was thinking. Like, “there must be customers out there who are looking for a picture of a woman who’s fed up by/while wearing big orange eye shadow” – when did that idea cross your mind? Read more →