New: Monologue

Now, to be clear, every start of my runs is disastrous. I hate the first kilometre. I absolutely loathe it. Like an abusive boyfriend, my mind goes through these exact same gaslighting techniques every fucking time: Read more →

The Meaty Vegan: Spare

My ‘Running with Evy’ schedule tells me I should practice three times a week, but so far I’ve only managed to run twice a week max. More once a week than twice. I might have skipped a week. Read more →



Kijkt: Crazy ExGirlfriend

Look at me, look at me
I'm so good at yoga
Look at me, look at me
I'm so good at yoga

Greet each day, Namaste
- Fuck you, you’re fat.

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Japan: Very Special Fish (II)

Haruto staat met zijn rug naar hen toe, wappert met zijn ene hand de rook uit zijn ogen en laadt met zijn andere hand een bord vol met de kleine visjes. Trots brengt hij het naar me toe en duwt het onder mijn neus. “For you!” Op het bord liggen twintig sardine-achtige vissen, zo’n 12 centimeter lang, met ogen als kraaltjes en een licht bolle buik. Voorzichtig til ik één van de visjes aan de staart omhoog. Ik bedank Haruto, maar hij steekt het bord nog verder naar me toe. “All.” Lees meer →

I'm on Insta too, you know

Because I definitely should be working (and so should you! No not really just kidding please stay) ↓




A while back, the Distracted Boyfriend meme was everywhere. For those of you who don’t spend their days scrolling aimlessly online like I do: this particular meme is a stockphoto of a guy checking out a girl who walks by, with his perplexed girlfriend (or so we presume) looking at him like he’s going to spend the night on the couch (or in a grave). The meme sparked a lot of creativity, ranging from this to this to even stuff like this

The Distracted Boyfriend meme seemed to die out and then, suddenly, it appeared again. Someone had discovered an “intense backstory” to the whole ordeal. This year-old article that I just recently stumbled upon, explains all: OH NO GIRL THAT'S BAD NEWS

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